How To Reset Samsung ML-1660/ML-1665 Printer - Counter Reset + Green Light Solution

Yesterday I was searching for, how to reset the counter of printer i.e, Samsung ML-1660. I have been facing this issue since the first toner refill. Once after having it refilled, from the printer shop, the green light was turned into red & it kept blinking since then. Well. It was not an alarming situation because my printer could still produce as many pages as I wanted. But the only annoying thing was about the counter. I heard somewhere after having the specific number of pages the cartridge's counter forces the printer not to produce any page until or unless it is refilled. I said "forces" because even if the toner is available after the specific number of print outs normally 1000 pages, it will waste the rest of the toner.
So, while googling around, it was a whole mess for me to find out the authentic solution for this well known issue. After drinking two cups of coffee, & eating two meals I was finally able to find the hack for this issue. There is nothing you can do to force the printer to use the left out cartridge without patching the firmware or purchasing a new cartridge to turn the light back to green.

IMPORTANT! You must have to patch the firmware (You must do it at your own risk! I can never be blamed for any loss or any damage). I am just sharing my experience regarding this issue, which actually worked for me, may be for you as well. I am having no issue with this patch so far.

You may follow the steps (written below) to make your Samsung ML-16xx work again.
Note: (This will also resolve the "No Printing" issue)

1. Make sure to Connect the printer i.e., Samsung ML-1660/ML-1665 to your computer.
2. No question for drivers, you must have those installed into your computer.
3. Print report printer. In 164H, press and hold the button for four to six seconds. Press the cancel button. Until the printer are flashing lights.
4. Now, you may consider the printout. Currently, We are just interested in line OS Version. It spelled out the printer firmware version. Looks like this (OS Version 1.01.00.HH)
5. Turning off the computer all USB devices. Make sure all of your USB ports are empty except the one connected to the Samsung printer.
6. Download the file attached & extract the files into your computer.
7. Run the program firmware f16xx.exe
8. You will be asked about two options Original Firmware or Patch ?
9. So, Select the firmware version and click the appropriate button. (V.30 patch firmware in this case)
10. This will pop up the DOS window and it will run the point.

Note: If the points do not run, it means that something must have been wrong with the connectivity between your computer & printer. So, Make sure to connect it properly before trying again.

11. After a few seconds, the LED will glow orange on the printer. This is quite normal. After completing the firmware in 2-3 minutes the setup will restart the printer. You may calm down for this step because for some reasons it can take a while to reboot.
12. After the printer turns ON. Remove the print cartridge & seal it with tape or remove the chip. Insert the cartridge into place. 
13. You are ready to roll.
Revised unit behaves as follows:
-Cartridge with the chip is handled appropriately. Prints until the counter is not empty.
-Over the counter - the device is locked.
-Cartridge without chip or a sealed chip is treated as a full cartridge. Counter clicks, percent decrease, while the unit does not switch off. If the machine off and on again it starts all over again. Again a full report on the cartridge and counter work.
-In the last (Laid here) version fixing boot made in normal mode. Enabled device, pootmenyali installation of new devices and loaded the firmware. Nevertheless, the instruction to stop jammed not hurt. For emergency lifting apparatus. If something went wrong. (The light blinks)

Instructions to stop jammed! (Boot)

1. Disable unnecessary USB devices, leave only the mouse.
2. Connect the unit is turned off the computer.
3. Run the BIOS file f16xx.exe
4. The unit click Stop. And do not go to step 7.!
5. Turn the unit on. In 1660/1665 Start button next to the Stop, at 164h - switch.
6. After two - three seconds the LED on the printer blinks rapidly.
7. Release the button Stop.
8. Select the device and firmware version and click the appropriate button. (Say V.30 path firmware)
9. Appear dos window and it will run the point.
10. After a few seconds, the LED glows orange on the printer. This is normal. After completing the firmware in 2-3 minutes will restart the printer. He has to rustle engines and calm down.
11. Remove the print cartridge. Seal or remove the chip. Insert the cartridge into place.

Download this Zip File.

Hopefully, this should resolve your issues. Please provide your feedback by posting a comment to better understand your problem. Did this work for you?


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